Acupuncture for Fertility

This past summer when I was seeking out ways to increase our chances to have a baby, I came across many  women who had positive experiences with acupuncture. I really wanted to go but was nervous about making such a decision for some reason. I think I was partly nervous about the cost and partly nervous about the needles- because I hate needles!

Anyway, at our first appointment with the Reproductive Endocrinologist, when he realized I was open to alternative or complementary methods, he suggested acupuncture. He referred me to two different places. Thankfully, I was able to visit both of their websites, compare offerings and fees and chose one. I called and was able to get an appointment that same week. 

At my first appointment, I had to fill out some paper work similar to what you would at a doctor's office. Then, she brought me into the room which felt much like a room you would get a massage. There were a table for the client to lay on, a table of supplies, relaxing music and a little seating area for taking off shoes and consulting.

After being led to the room and told to take my shoes off, the acupuncturist came in. We spoke about my medical history, what my progress with TTC has been like, and then what my goals were for acupuncture.

She then directed me to lay down on the table and roll up my pant legs and sleeves. Since this was my first time I had had acupuncture I only received 8 needles- two in each arm and two in each leg. I did not look while she was placing the needles but when she was done I asked if she minded taking a picture for me because I wanted to share it! Then, she dimmed the lights, put a heat lamp on my feet and played the peaceful music. After about 20-30 minutes, she returned and simply plucked out the needles and sent me on my way.

At my second appointment, we did not have to have a long as a discussion to begin with- she just checked on my cycle and symptoms and placed the needles. I graduated to ten needles for this session (two additional ones put in my toes!) After she was done placing them, I was brave enough to take a picture myself and then start relaxing in the dim peace. 20-30 minutes later, she returned and plucked out the needles.

At my third appointment, I had become familiar with the drill. Cycle update, needles, picture, relax, pluck. I was excited at this appointment because she placed needles in my face and then I started to feel like a real acupuncture client! What can I say, I'm a nerd...
My fourth appointment was exciting. Cycle update, needles, picture, relax, pluck. It was CD 10 so she placed needles on my abdomen to encourage ovulation. I think one important aspect of acupuncture is that the whole process itself is relaxing- the dim lights, peaceful music, the scent of essential oils in the air and the dedicated to just simply being at peace.

At my fifth and most recent appointment, the acupuncturist put even more needles in my head: one in my scalp, one in each ear, and one between my eyes. Honestly, I have not been able to keep count of how many- I still try not to look at them too much, just get a picture right after she places them and then relax.

So, the big question is "Does it help with fertility?" Obviously, I am still waiting on that one since I am in the middle of my TWW, BUT I will say that I believe it has positive effects for those who experience a lot of anxiety over TTC. I'll keep you posted!

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