It's What's Inside That Counts...

...and apparently what's inside me is a bit wonky so...

What I take ...
Morning: 100 mcg Synthroid
Afternoon (CD 3-7): 7 mg Letrozole (Generic Femara)
Dinner: PreNatal Multivitamin with DHA and Folic Acid & Fiber+Calcium Supplement
After Dinner: 2.5 mg Prednisone
Before Bed: 81 mg Aspirin ("low-dose")

Details & Reasonings....
The first thing I did last September, when G and I made the decision to start trying for a baby in October, was stop taking the daily birth control pill and start taking prenatal vitamins. I was excited to find GUMMY prenatal vitamins that tasted pretty good- I was worried after hearing horrible accounts of how they make some people sick! For this past year, I have been taking VitaFusion's PreNatal Multivitamin and their Fiber+Calcium PreNatal Support gummies but I recently discovered CVS has a version of the multivitamin so I am giving them a try.

After the MC, I began taking one low-dose aspirin at night, per my OBGYN. At a time when I was desperate to make whatever fixes I could to in order to make sure another one did not happen, she said that taking the low-dose aspirin was the only thing proven to help. Therefore, I take one of these each night.

Upon being diagnosed with hypothyroidism I started taking generic Synthroid (levothyroxine). I started out at 25 mcg with my original doctor and then when I went to the Endocrinologist he increased it to 50, then 75 mcg. My blood work throughout this time was showing improvement, and even got into the "normal" range, however, my doctor said that my TSH levels should be even better for pregnancy (from 0.4 to 2.5). When I started going to the Reproductive Endocrinologist he said I should take the brand name for this drug in particular because the generic version is known to have varying percentages of ingredients that make a noticeable impact. After my baseline blood work with him, he consulted with my regular Endocrinologist and increased my dosage to 100 mcg.

In addition to increasing my thyroid medication and changing it to brandname only, my Reproductive Endocrinologist had me start taking Prednisone because some of my blood work showed elevated levels of DHEA Sulfate. I don't have the finer details of the reasonings for this one, other than the Prednisone should help decrease the DHEA Sulfate so that I will have more DHEA in my system instead.

The last medication that my Reproductive Endocrinologist prescribed was Femara, or the generic which is Letrozole. Apparently, one's AMH levels in your blood work indicate if you should start with 2.5, 5, or 7 mg. I was in the higher end of the normal range and therefore he started me on 5mg for my first go-round. Femara is supposed to be a great alternative to Clomid for infertility issues because it has less side effects. I have never taken Clomid before, but I can attest to minimal side effects, possibly none. The first day that I took it, I already had a huge headache but it last for over a day so I am not sure if it had anything to do with the medicine.

Today is my last day of Letrozole! I am continuing my weekly acupuncture visits and will begin testing for ovulation with my Wondfo strips. I will share more about these aspects of TTC in my next post.

Take care!

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