Cycle 15: First Time with Injectables!

This cycle we have a couple of things happening: consulting with the surgeon about my thyroid and upping our TTC game with some injectables!

More than likely I will not be able to have surgery this month to remove my thyroid so we decided to continue our TTC efforts until the doctor says "We have a date for surgery." More on the TTC efforts in moment... As I may have mentioned elsewhere or earlier about my thyroid, it is not a dire emergency, but I have been advised my by endo to have my thyroid removed since it has Hashimoto's disease and is so large and not shrinking. My appointment with the surgeon is coming up so more details about that will come later.

This cycle we have decided to add injectables to the TTC cocktail of drugs I am taking and increased the dosage of the Femara to 7.5 mg (I noticed cramping on both sides with this dosage). Eek! Let me tell you, today is CD 9 and I was not looking forward to the Gonal-F injections but we survived! G and I watched a video about how to prepare the Gonal-F injection, followed instructions, and then he injected me! It was easy, stung a bit, and my dosage was doubled so it took two needles, but I am not having bad side effects so far except for a little bit of cramping- so yay!

On Tuesday I go in for a ultrasound to check out the status of my follicles and that's when they will let me know when to do my Ovidrel shot. The Ovidrel is a pen- so it is all prepped and ready to shoot! Wish us luck!

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